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Travel Depaz

The latest Martinique rum trip continues which have a stop within among probably the most infamous distilleries towards isle, Depaz.

All of our journey regarding Martinique distilleries started again bright and you may very early once we navigated the new rum coach through the active avenue away from Fort de- France right after which up the island’s scenic western coastline so you can St. Pierre. To the schedule is a look at Depaz, probably one of the most acknowledged distilleries on the island plus one of its most popular attractions.

A bottle of Rhum Depaz is difficult to find in the us, when we started to the state of your ways studio I’d no idea what to anticipate. We had been welcomed because of the Eric Lecoeur, GM at distillery, and you can all of our journey rapidly began that have a history course in regards to the brand.

The wonderful Depaz Estate consist at the base off Martinique’s highest slope, Attach Pelee. The latest roots of the house big date all the way back once again to 1650 when Martinique’s very first govenor based the first chateau. It absolutely was afterwards gotten of the Depaz nearest and dearest and you will a sugar manufacturer and distillery was constructed. For the 1903 a disastrous eruptive blast regarding Mount Pelee slain nearly everybody in the town of St. Pierre and you will leveled all of the construction like the property. Inside 1917, Victor Depaz returned to Martinique so you’re able to rebuild the newest chateau, distillery and the a good term of your own brand name.

Blue Cane, that’s known as the greatest, most flavorful type of sugarcane, try rooted towards the possessions. The latest stubborn pick increased really in the fertile volcanic crushed and you can distinct small-weather out-of northwest Martinique. The quality of new rhum is easily respected as one of the better with the area and you can attained the newest Depaz brand a significantly deserved reputation once more.

Now, Depaz delineates their trademark kind of rhum agricole together with a line for Dillon, several other respected regional brand name. Bluish Cane remains a massive cause of its trademark flavor profile and most one thousand hectares of specialty sugarcane is grown into the Depaz land. It is collected from the spring whenever its sugar posts try higher, after that crushed to recoup the latest liquid and you can allowed to ferment getting a couple of days before the tidy is approximately 6%abv.