How You Can Tell When Someone Needs An Education About ManBearPig


Did anyone else get a bit creeped out at the casual lol at the end of meg’s statement, like it was almost wistful. it’s bitches like this that eventually end up with their life story on the ID channel. ===

dan7hawk9 I found this in relationships. don’t hook up with a “fixer upper” accept them as they are or move on

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Scopinitout1 MsPriss – I kind of have a plan if my lady goes first (hope this doesn’t sound creepy) – line up maybe three or four ladies who enjoy spending time with me, and kind of “rotate dates.” I enjoy female company – but marry again, I doubt it.

It’s almost as if he made the screenname just so he could make a statement like this. And dude, playing the field is what it is but the fact you’ve actually thought this out little people dating website to this extent while your lady is still alive, yeah that sounds creepy or at minimum, something for which your bitch should smack you upside the head.===

What A Pile Of Cow Shit Sounds Like When It Suddenly Gains The Ability To Type (and then won’t stop)

You just got reported for hate speech

minstrel312 Hotrod, were you born homophobic or did you turn that way when you discovered you were gay? calling someone gay when you’re supposedly trying to point out their homophobia sounds a bit homophobic to me

i forgot he thinks all hate speech is illegal, you would think the editor of an international weekly magazine would actually know the laws of the country in which he resides. But then again, you would think the editor of an international weekly magazine would actually edit a magazine instead of gathering other’s work to post on a self glorified blog. Hell if his blog is an international weekly magazine then the Pier is too!! And if so, i guess i should call all ya’ll Pier World instead of Pier Nation huh.