It appears vibrant ruby-reddish, right above the horizon, nearly precisely due east

Certain temples had a tiny hole regarding wall structure somewhere; following there is various other wall surface plus one, entering certain dark interior chamber. For the reason that chamber there would be something like a beneficial cube or Wonderful Suggest rectangle out of stone seated in the new area with some mark on they. At this time of your heliacal rising of Sirius, good ruby-red-light create hit the altar for most mere seconds, that would start their brand new seasons and also the first day out of this new ancient Sothic calendar out-of Egypt.

The newest periodicity of one’s helical ascending away from Sirius was in a fashion that the latest Egyptians based their calendar on it [right]. Annually to have millennia the appearance operating system Sirius coincided on the flooding of your Nile, a meeting that remarakbly nevertheless happens to today.

This reality by yourself betrays the fresh new blatant drawback in the current consensus model with the precession of your Zodiac. For the “Wobble Theory”, the fresh Zodiac famous people commonly in fact moving; he is fixed in place. The newest noticeable retrograde motion is just the results of new transient move of your equinoxes. So it obtains it’s a great deal more popular and you can infamous breakdown because “the latest Precession of Equinoxes”. In this opinion model, the fresh new equinoxes was happening in the different locations for the Planet’s orbit around the Sunlight, and since they are taking place on different places there is certainly an effective different backdrop of a-listers.

This leads to brand new equinoxes, as well as the solstices to take place in numerous metropolitan areas inside the this new Earth’s orbit [right]

The newest equinoxes and you will solstices are a function of the 23.6° tilt of World’s axis. In the event the tip is actually facing the sun’s rays, the fresh Northern hemisphere is within summer because it is acquiring significantly more sunshine so there be more hours of sunlight — the occasions are expanded while the evening are reduced. In the event the tip was away from the Sun, the newest Northern hemisphere is actually cold temperatures. This can be reverse into the South hemisphere. The brand new midpoints anywhere between these two extremes will be equinoxes, where in fact the length of day and night is equivalent.

New equinoxes retrogress as the tilt is evolving its direction to the sun’s rays because it wobbles on. The problem is if the brand new equinoxes and solstices was basically happening in the different places then Sirius couldn’t enjoys an exact helical rising all of the July 23rd on latitude away from Egypt!

All of the equatorial backdrop of stars would retrogress with the wobble of the Earth, and thus Sirius would have a helical rising that regresses throughout the Year, occurring at all different seasons throughout the 26,000 year cycle (see figure 5). The only stars that would remain relatively fixed are those at the poles, although they would still have minor perturbations themselves. not what is observed. As Jed Buchwald, professor of the history of science at Caltech, states: