The TravelMate whenyagottago The TravelMate is a modification of the medicine spoon that was created specifically for standing to pee

The Mister Fenis can easily be folded for quick and discreet storage. jeevansathi indir Mr. Fenis is reusable and easy to clean and comfortable to use, and the silicone resists microbiological growthes in four flesh tones (peach, olive, tan, and dark brown). The Mr. Fenis is available at the Tool Shed for $25, toolshedtoys.

The Number One STP Available through toolshedtoys The Number One is a realistic, high quality, one-piece STP. Made from 100% high-quality silicone, the generous cup and opening at the head help prevent back flow or leakage. It is made from medium-soft silicone and has a narrow profile– it is designed to be packed flat against the abdomen. Total length is 6″, cup length: is 3″, cup width is 1.5″. Available in 5 realistic skin tones– peach, olive, caramel, milk chocolate, and dark chocolate. $59

It is made of soft, flexible, medical-grade plastic that springs back to its original shape after being bent

The GoGirl go-girl The GoGirl is a flexible funnel device made from medical-grade silicone. The top of the funnel that is placed against the body has a unique splash-guard rim. Because the silicone is flexible and soft, it is easy to fold up and carry discreetly in a pocket or small case. Silicone is also hygienic and easy to clean. Measures 6.5″ tall x 4.75″ deep x 2.25″ wide. Available in pink or “camo” (tan) color. The Go Girl is available at the Tool Shed for $10, toolshedtoys.

The Fenis is just less than 7 inches long and can easily be folded for quick and discreet storage

The Whiz The Whiz Freedom is a thin, flexible, reusable funnel-like device made of a medical-grade TPE (thermoplastic elastomer). An anti-bacterial/anti-fungal agent has been added, and it has been treated with a plasma coating so that it repels liquid. The addition of the plasma coating means that only a few droplets may remain on the surface of the device which are easily shaken off. The Whiz Freedom costs ?9.99 (that’s in British pounds) and is available in purple or white. You can also purchase medical grade tubing from the site as well to extend the overall length of the device. Prices can be converted to U.S. dollars at xe/ucc.