Time to unscribe to this f-ing program

Half the time I never get to see the link I clicked on – too much garbage.

I totally agree. Why am I paying for all of these intruding ads when my gold is supposed to be ad-free? I PAY FOR AD FREE. I have been a customer for 20 years and seriously looking for a http://www.besthookupwebsites.org/mexican-cupid-review new email. This product is UNSTABLE and whatever changes you made I disagree with them all. Please refresh this product and get RID of these horrible ads and you cannot even read the news without them everywhere!

Bring back my old 9. version of AOl,, IT WORKED unlike this **** Gold version,, Ive been a AOL user many many years before AOL 4.0,, and never complained,, NOW AOL has just gone down hill

When are AOL (I suspect your sister the Huffington post is the culprit) going to cease with this hounding of Harry and his wife. The amount of clickbait **** and totally unnecessary “headlines” you creatures make up is now bordering on an obsession. Remember his Mother who was hounded till the day she died. Why on earth are you going through their every move with a fine tooth comb creating headlines that have little or nothing to do with them?? Its abhorrent and why you need an outside board of conduct as its obvious you cant police yourselves. Stop with the near truths, no truths and pure speculation, its not healthy and its not fair to constantly have a microscope over their every move.